Taiwan blog links — 24 January 2011

It’s been another busy week on the Taiwan blogs. Michael Turton will be back with the links next week.

News: Legislators consider making use of seatbelts in the back seat mandatory. Lin Feng-jeng labels the draft judges’ law a ‘dinosaur’. Activists question government’s failure to act against dog meat seller. Taiwan is experiencing a larger range of temperatures.

Continuing controversy over the Sean Lien (連勝文) shooting incident: while prosecutors call for death penalty even Sean Lien is not happy with investigation. Chen Hung Yuan’s family also question the prosecutors’ findings and the DPP still wants an election recall.

President Ma unhappy with missile test failures. Ministry of National Defense explains the reasons for the failures. Wired.com asks if the missile failure will score pity points with the US. Taiwanese American youth speak out for Taiwan’s right to self determination during Hu’s Washington visit. Analysts offer differing opinions on US-China joint statement. Richard Zalski suggests a new Taiwan policy for the US. Joseph Wu says rapprochement within Taiwan more important than Taiwan-China detente. J. Michael Cole says the ECFA is political.

Video: Gordon Ramsay goes on the trail of shark fin in Taiwan.

Announcement: The Formosa Foundation is seeking applicants for its 2011 Ambassador Program.

Taiwan blog links — 17 January 2011

Michael Turton is taking a break from blogging for a few weeks so I am going to post a weekly collection of links in the interim. Before he went on holidays Michael wrote a wonderful article about cycling in Taiwan on the Huffington Post. Let’s check out the latest on the Taiwan blogs.

News: Adil Hussain talks about working with Ang Lee on the set of Life of Pi in Taiwan. Taiwanese musicians heading to France. The opening of the fourth nuclear power plant delayed yet again. NCKU opens a new green building. Taipei Times editorial on the lax enforcement of traffic laws. The official number of indigenous people in Taiwan is over 510,000. Taiwan experiences very cold temperatures over the weekend. Taiwan Today interviews former Vice President Annette Lu.

Hillary Clinton urges China to reduce tensions as Hu Jintao prepares to visit Washington. Senate Taiwan Caucus resurfaces in time for Hu visit. However, today’s headline is US downplays Taiwan before Hu visit.

Video: Check out Tobie Openshaw’s talk about betel nut girls at TEDxMonga.

Links across the blogosphere

As announced last week I am no longer posting weekly links. I want to suggest some other ways readers can follow the latest postings in the Taiwan blogosphere. It was great to see The Daily Bubble Tea posting some links to fill the gap.

I am an author at Global Voices Online and regularly post links on the Taiwan page of that site. Global Voices seeks to “aggregate, curate, and amplify the global conversation online” and it provides a unique window into the global blogosphere. I recommend it as a way of discovering blogs from places around the world. Also if you prefer to read Chinese then check the Traditional Chinese page of Global Voices Lingua project which has regular translations of Global Voices articles. Continue reading “Links across the blogosphere”

Links 1 June 2009

News: Vice-President’s illness raises constitutional questions. DPP must support Chen Shui-bian’s judicial rights. AlJazeera reports on planned nuclear waste dump in Taidong (video). Taiwan ranks 3rd in Asia in climate change performance ranking. Jonathan Adams reports on the de-mining of Kinmen. Taiwan confiscates cocaine-laced energy drinks.

Events: There is an event to commemorate the Tian’anmen Square Massacre at the park opposite Watson’s in Shi-Da Road, Taipei at 7pm on 4 June. Bob Log III at The Wall on 9 June. The Taipei Film Festival is coming up from 26 June to 12 July. Craig is organising a photowalk in Taipei on 18 July. Check the Taiwanderful events calendar for more events.

Announcement: I am suspending the weekly links. Thanks to all those who have given me positive feedback about them. I will write a post next week recommending some other ways to keep up with the latest on Taiwan blogs.

Links 25 May 2009

News: One year of President Ma: questions about human rights and press freedom and more critiques. Taiwan scholars write another open letter to President Ma (中文). Aborigines want action on Ma’s promises. Liu Shih-chung on Ma’s year in the pressure cooker.

The Control Yuan proves its uselessness. Jonathan Adams puts the spotlight on Taiwan’s judicial system. The ongoing trial of the Hsichih Trio further underlines the failure of the justice system. US Congressman Ed Royce speaks out for Taiwan. Gordon Chang sounds a warning about Taiwan’s future. The Economist writes protests are about all the DPP can do.

Taiwanese indigenous peoples NGO goes to UN Forum. Aborigines in Taidong protest nuclear waste plan. BBC on some strange jobs Taiwanese take to beat the recession. Taiwanese high school student discovers styrofoam eating bacteria. Three Taiwanese climb Mt Everest.

Taiwan Journal will cease publication from 22 May and relaunch online as Taiwan Today 1 June. The new website will carry translations from Taiwan’s Chinese-language newspapers, as well as all the regular articles that were in the Taiwan Journal. Details here.

And I’ve run out of space for details of the WHA controversy and the arrival of the H1N1 flu virus in Taiwan.

Events: Free Burma and Free Aung San Suu Kyi rally at the park opposite Watson’s in Shi-Da Road, Taipei from 7:00-9:30pm, Wednesday 27 May. Details at the Amnesty English blog or at TFBN in Chinese.

Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤) play at The Wall on Sunday 31 May. The Howl at NTU on 31 May. The Pinglin River Bash is on from 29-31 May. The Dragon Boat Festival is on 28 May. There will be dragon boat races held on waterways around Taiwan and a long weekend for all to enjoy.

Links 18 May 2009

Candlelight vigil for Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi. 7-8pm Monday 18 May at the park opposite Watson’s in Shi-Da Road in Taipei. Organised by the Taiwan Free Burma Network and AI Taiwan. Details in Chinese or bilingual at Facebook.

News: Lu I-Ming on the real players in cross-strait politics. Jonathan Adams looks at how Chinese investment will impact Taiwan. Activists urge President Ma to take action on human rights. Ma signs rights covenants amidst criticism and protest. Taiwan News has more on the human rights hypocrisy. Academics say White Terror has not been put to rest. John Tkacik on Taiwan’s undetermined status. Lin Cho-shui says people are living in the past on the status issue.

Time magazine on one year of Ma. Nine Taiwanese universities ranked in Asia’s top 100. Natalie Tso looks at bike sharing and Taiwan’s environmental problems. Kaohsiung gets a solar energy testing centre. Kaohsiung’s solar-powered World Games stadium is also attracting attention. Formosa Betrayed star James Van Der Beek coming to St Louis.

Events: ChthoniC (閃靈) play at The Wall on 23 May. World Press Photo Exhibition continues until 31 May at the Eslite Dunhua Store in Taipei.

Bob Log III will return to Taipei for a performance at The Wall on 9 June. The first annual Air Guitar Competition for Taiwan will be held at Carnegies in Taipei on 11 July. More details at Facebook.

Links 11 May 2009

News: Freedom House says more on Taiwan press freedom. Leon Chuang of the Association of Taiwan Journalists also concerned about press freedom. Jonathan Adams has more on reactions to the Freedom House report. Michael Goldfarb on creeping reunification. Tsai Ing-wen speaks in Washington D.C. Hsu Yung-ming writes Taiwan is becoming a democratic dictatorship. Annette Lu on promoting a ‘Two China’ policy. Frightening: possibility of Chinese police being stationed in Taiwan.

Chen Shui-bian issues his last statement and starts hunger strike. Court may appoint attorney for Chen. Chen was hospitalised on Saturday morning.

Taiwan Defence Ministry lends aboriginal servicemen for roles in film Seediq Bale. Clare Wang a good sport after missing out on Queensland tourism job. Freddy Lim launches “T for Tibet” campaign and also announces Free Tibet Concert in Taipei on 11 July 2009. Pingdong professor works to protect the Formosan Black Bear.

Events: World Press Photo Exhibition at B2 of Eslite Dunhua Store in Taipei. The Golden Harvest Film Festival is now on and runs until 17 May. Amnesty International meeting in Taipei on Wednesday 13 May with Linda Arrigo as the guest speaker. On Sunday 17 May the DPP will hold their 517 rally in Taipei.

Links 4 May 2009

News: Chinese Taipei gets to observe the WHA. Taiwan is still denied full and equal participation in WHO. Wall Street Journal op-ed writes, “Why not make Taiwan a full member, and welcome Taiwan to join other U.N. organizations as well?” Well said!! WHO spokesman reveals invitation was the result of cross-strait negotiations and WHO was not involved. At least Taiwan has its foot in the door and hopefully will be able to increase its participation in the future.

Activist warns of united front tactics. John Tkacik on Taiwan’s eroding position. Ma Ying-jeou “reads between the lines” of the Treaty of Taipei and gets slammed by academics. John Tkacik adds more on the treaties.

Tsai Ing-wen condemns Parade and Assembly Law amendments. Pingpu Aborigines protest for recognition. Filipina worker awaits result of death sentence appeal. Taiwanese researchers invent low cost paper speakers. Taiwan works to protect butterflies. New York Times has a piece on  traditional vs simplified Chinese characters.

Clare Wang is the hot favorite for Queensland tourism job. The winner will be announced on 6 May. Taiwan offers its version of the dream tourism job. Young Taiwanese are encouraged to explore more of Taiwan.

FAPA: Check out the interview with Eric Chang in the latest FAPA-YPG newsletter.

Events: If you missed Urban Nomad don’t fear. There are more screenings at the Nanhai Gallery 8 & 9 May. The folks at Sanba have another party at Join-Us in Kaohsiung on 9 May. Breakfast meeting at 10am on Sunday 10 May. The guest speaker is  Sebo Koh speaking on Taiwanese identity. World Press Photo Exhibition starts on 10 May at B2 of the Eslite Dunhua Store in Taipei.