Farewell to Formosa

It is more than a decade since I first came to Taiwan. During that time Taiwan has played a big part in my life, but my time there has finally come to an end and I am returning to Australia. This news may come as a surprise to some readers of this blog, but I have spent the past few weeks meeting with and saying goodbye to friends in Taipei and Taichung.

These past few years in Taiwan have been a rich learning experience. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study at National Chengchi University (NCCU) where I completed a Master’s degree in Taiwan Studies. Dr David Blundell gave me some great guidance in the process of writing my thesis. David is currently editing a book titled Taiwan Since Martial Law. I have written a chapter for the book based on my thesis research and it should be published in the next few months. I will post the details of the book on this blog when it is available.

After graduating from NCCU I went to work at the Research Centre for Austronesian Peoples at Providence University. This gave me the chance to spend some more time in Smangus and to get to know the community of Marqwang in the rear mountain area of Jianshi Township. I have also visited a number of other indigenous communities around Taiwan with Dr Lin Yih-ren and thank him for his guidance and support. I must also thank Lahuy Icyeh, Watan Talu, Neqo Soqluman and Wang Hsin-han for their help over the last year.

In these past few years Venerable Chao Hwei (昭慧法師) has been very supportive and helpful. I will never forget her generosity in hosting the INEB Conference at Honghsi College in 2007. She also invited me to participate in the campaign against the Penghu casino and subsequently observe the referendum in Penghu. I have also participated in several conferences that she organised and other events at Hongshi College (佛教弘誓學院). I really must thank all the people at Hongshi College for everything they have done.

There are also many other friends and classmates who I have met during my time in Taiwan. There are lots of great people here and thank you to all of them for their friendship.

Some people have asked me if this blog will still be online after I leave Taiwan. I plan to keep this blog online for the forseeable future and I will even continue to write the occasional post about various Taiwan related topics. I will of course be closely following the news from Taiwan over the next six months in the lead up to the legislative and presidential elections.

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    1. Thanks Ashish. I am not planning to create a new blog about my life in Australia. If people want to know something about what I am up to in Australia they can check my Flickr, Twitter and Google Plus.

  1. Your presence and voice will be greatly missed Dave. You have helped bring many good causes to light and contributed immensely to better understanding of aboriginal peoples to those inside and outside Taiwan.

  2. You really like to live on islands, eh 😉 Be careful, Ozwan is a tiny bit bigger 🙂

    You were the first Taiwan blog I’ve read and I may have not always agreed with what you’ve said, but I’ve soon understood, that you’re a blogger with passion and a spine, with depth of mind and an open heart. For that you have my respect and admiration. And one will hardly find another blog about Taiwan with such a rich resource on this beautiful island and its people. Thank you for being an inspiration for other bloggers.

    And best of luck! I’m sure you will visit Formosa many times in the future.

  3. David, you’ve been a great asset to Taiwan. Keep spreading the truth about Taiwan to people in Australia whenever you have the opportunity. The Taiwan blogosphere won’t be the same without you here.

    Best wishes in everything you do!

  4. I’m a casual follower of this blog and your twitter feed David. Your blog was the first invaluable, tw-centric blog I found two years ago that lead to many other similar blogs and sites. You will be missed, and best of luck upon returning to Australia.

  5. David,
    I am one of those people who understand the real Taiwan because of your blog and many of others who love and care about Taiwan. You and many bloggers really make a difference for Taiwan’s future. You will be missed dearly. I wish you the best and hopefully continue to see your insight analysis about Taiwan.

  6. I’ve been a reader since 2005–albeit a quiet one–and just want to thank your for blogging and sticking with it over the years. So many blogs come and go, but I have always appreciated your blog and your commentary.

    While I hope you continue to blog about Taiwan, I would also really love to hear about Australia from your perspective.

  7. As a Taiwanese, I am always interested in what foreigners think about Taiwan and have been lurking in the forum of Forumosa and various blogs hosted by you guys. From time to time, I find foreign people willing to contribute to this somewhat politically isolated/misunderstood island with genuineness. It makes me feel grateful. Among these, David you are the most impressive one and Taiwanese people really owe you a lot for the effort you have made.
    I wish you all the best and welcome back to Taiwan any day.
    BTW, don’t you think you should stay till Tsai win the presidential election 🙂

  8. Hi, David,

    Couldn’t say enough for what you did for Taiwan. I am particularly grateful for your insistence on many different human right issues in Taiwan. We will most probably never meet in real life, but your passion will always occupy a corner of my heart. Take care and hope everything goes well in your future journey.

  9. Hi, David
    I was born in Taiwan but have lived abroad for over half of my life. I have been reading your blog, Michael Burton’s and J Michael Cole’s to stay on top of current affairs in Taiwan. I really like your views and enjoy reading your articles. Farewell and good luck! ^.^

  10. Hi David

    Well good luck. Taiwan will miss you. Not many people have a passion for Taiwan like you. All the best!

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