Taiwan blog links — 24 January 2011

It’s been another busy week on the Taiwan blogs. Michael Turton will be back with the links next week.

News: Legislators consider making use of seatbelts in the back seat mandatory. Lin Feng-jeng labels the draft judges’ law a ‘dinosaur’. Activists question government’s failure to act against dog meat seller. Taiwan is experiencing a larger range of temperatures.

Continuing controversy over the Sean Lien (連勝文) shooting incident: while prosecutors call for death penalty even Sean Lien is not happy with investigation. Chen Hung Yuan’s family also question the prosecutors’ findings and the DPP still wants an election recall.

President Ma unhappy with missile test failures. Ministry of National Defense explains the reasons for the failures. Wired.com asks if the missile failure will score pity points with the US. Taiwanese American youth speak out for Taiwan’s right to self determination during Hu’s Washington visit. Analysts offer differing opinions on US-China joint statement. Richard Zalski suggests a new Taiwan policy for the US. Joseph Wu says rapprochement within Taiwan more important than Taiwan-China detente. J. Michael Cole says the ECFA is political.

Video: Gordon Ramsay goes on the trail of shark fin in Taiwan.

Announcement: The Formosa Foundation is seeking applicants for its 2011 Ambassador Program.

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