Taiwan blog links — 17 January 2011

Michael Turton is taking a break from blogging for a few weeks so I am going to post a weekly collection of links in the interim. Before he went on holidays Michael wrote a wonderful article about cycling in Taiwan on the Huffington Post. Let’s check out the latest on the Taiwan blogs.

News: Adil Hussain talks about working with Ang Lee on the set of Life of Pi in Taiwan. Taiwanese musicians heading to France. The opening of the fourth nuclear power plant delayed yet again. NCKU opens a new green building. Taipei Times editorial on the lax enforcement of traffic laws. The official number of indigenous people in Taiwan is over 510,000. Taiwan experiences very cold temperatures over the weekend. Taiwan Today interviews former Vice President Annette Lu.

Hillary Clinton urges China to reduce tensions as Hu Jintao prepares to visit Washington. Senate Taiwan Caucus resurfaces in time for Hu visit. However, today’s headline is US downplays Taiwan before Hu visit.

Video: Check out Tobie Openshaw’s talk about betel nut girls at TEDxMonga.